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Danielle M.

My experience with this company was nothing but pleasant! I Run and in-home daycare And since having the ducts/vents cleaned I’ve noticed the children having less of the common cold and also helped with my allergy symptoms. The products used are safe for children and animals which was one of my concerns. Very professional punctual and overall great service we will be using again.

Arnold B.

I only have high praises for Ed the Dryer Guy. He showed up on time and all the work was done in a neat and professional manner. We noticed that it was taking much longer for our dryer to fully dry a load of laundry. After Ed cleaned the vent the dryer worked as it should. He also alleviated what was a fire hazard. Highly recommend Ed the Dryer guy 👍👍👍

Pavel S.

The process was smooth and very effective Ed took the time to make sure that the vent and dryer was completely cleaned out and lint free. Great thing about Ed is that he offers other services that will help your home be safer for you and your family like the air duct sanitizing. I will be contacting him again when the service is required.

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