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We are dryer vent cleaning, bird nest removal, inspection and so much more. Many homeowners are not aware that there are over 16,000 laundry related fires a year. It is so Important to have your dryer vent cleaned professionally.

I use a state of the art commercial air compressor and reel system to clean and polish out your dryer vent line from the outside.. We then use a commercial Triple Hepa vacuum to clean out your dryer.

Beware of those $99 specials because as you've often heard, you get what you pay for. They don’t have professional equipment and will come into your home with a shop vac to clean out the filter and the front and back of your dryer and blow all the dust and material all over your home .

Our other service, duct work sanitizing offers many benefits, such as: killing odor causing bacteria, 3rd party lab tested against the human coronavirus, removes allergens, reduces the spread of influenza. Safe for people, pets, electronics & fabrics. It will not corrode metals or discolor surfaces . This service can be done at your home, business or even for your car!

 We are fully insured with satisfaction guaranteed.

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